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revamped pokemon sales!
Indiana Matt
Welcome to Dragons den sales. Home of Dragonrider49s items and wares. Plese feel free to browse. Dragons den is located in Blackthorn city and is run by Dragonrider49 and her assistant/ best friend Matt Ishida who is helping run the store. We sell pokemon digimon, games and random stuff that I have hanging around.

first up rules: Pokemon collectors.
Terms and conditions
I was given sales permission on 16/10/11 By dakajojo
I will not sell to anyone banned from pokemon collecters
All prices are is US dollers- paypal only.
I ship from the UK
I will sell internationally- by normal airmail-please messge me for tracking.

Royal Mail postage charges for 2015

Small parcel is $5

Medium parcel is $7

I am not responsible for any loss or damage of packages once they have left my claws. however if you have any problems please contact me first.

UK residents- all packages will be sent out recorded. No excpetions! The post lost one of my items once and am wary of royail mail.

Please note all my items are second hand ( unless stated) so they may have play wear on them.
I usually ship with three working days ( sometimes less depends on work)


MWT plush

2012 eevee collection jolteon- $60

Peitie plush charmander- $15

PC helioptile- $20

Meinfoo pokedoll $20

Tagless plush

mIni mascots: $2

MPC: $3 except aloloamola $1

Buizel- well loved $2
Axew: $5
Palkia: $6
Drilber- $5


old- $1

Kids- $2

mega gardevoir- $5

DX torterra- $5

Kyogre squirter- $5

DX Palkia kid - $5

Random figures- all $1 except Mega Blaziken which is $3


MIP- $6

Munchlax mystery Dungeon figure- $3

Torchic and Deoxys NFC figures $5 ( includes ball)

White Kyrum ( complete) $4

Eevee- $2

Meowth- missing bottom - $3

Kids all $3 except Hitmonchan who is $4

Mcdonalds toys- $1

Jakks figures $2


SAM_1377Metal figures all $3 each.

gone:aterpie, Exeggutor, Voltorb, Blue Lickitung, Sandslash, bronze Ekans, Pikachu


Wooden ones- $3

Little ones- $1

Misscellious items- $0.50

Suicune card has gone

Metal charm- $1


D and P stickers $5 for the sheet

digimon sales here
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Question, are the pokeballs in the last picture the squishy foam ones?

sadly mn they are the ones that go with the keshimon- the little figures.

could I request a hold for a few days, I have very little money currently until my train auction ends the 23rd on the salamence kid and plush, clear haxorus, whiscash coin, and dratini figure but could I get a quote to the USA first?

Edited at 2013-07-22 04:42 pm (UTC)

thats fine you can have as much dragon stuff as you want! Mmm for you.. it would be about $6ish ( its £4.50 i think idk what that is in USD) Also i have a dragonite plush that you need that i am going to sell as i am getting a duplicate.

Is Blastoise still available? Can you describe what exactly the figure is please?

Ekkk sorry my bad for being way late. :P He is kinda like a water squirter and he is in goodish condition. There is paint wear on his shell and a few marks here and there. I will give you some extra pics on the comm.

Edited at 2013-10-14 01:00 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Hey there Shipping to europe is $5.63 ao your total would be $10.12. If that is ok please sent to and leave your name and what you bought in the memo please

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
can i have a quote for the I love gothic Chandelure plush to Berkshire in the UK

He would be $4.91 with fees that would be $15.41. If that is oj the please send payment to and leave your name ans what you bought in the memo please thank you!

Hi, in case the other person passes, I would be very interested in I love Gothic Chandelure plush. Oh and shipping would be to Finland. Please let me know as well if plush is taken, thanks! :)

Will do and the price would be the same as shipping to Europe is exactly the same as it is to the UK.

Is there any way you could send me some closer pics or just a list of your metal figures. Some of them are hard to tell from the pics. I know I am interested in your Ekans and a few
Others. Thanks so much!

Sorry for the delay I have been busy these past 3 days. Sure I can! I dont think I have an ekans but I will double check.

Edit: They should be on there by the time you see this comment. I do have two Ekans, one blue and the other is bronze.

Edited at 2014-08-21 04:30 pm (UTC)

ill take the suicune pokedoll to 31210 plz .

Sure he would be $15.87. Please send payment to and leave your LJ name and what you bought in the memo please thank you!

Ghost pika doesn't have a price next to him, is he sold already?

Nope he is still there, I just forgot the price. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

What fabric is the Pikachu pokedoll? :)

Can I have a quote for the TOMY's: mew, old gyrados, lugia and ho-oh to denmark pls! :D

It's actually your whole picture without the charmelon! xD

I'm REALLY interested in your Sawk.
I was wondering if I could take it off your hands?

He has a nasty stain on his legs. I can try and get it off for you. Otherwise I will just send it to you free.

(Deleted comment)
Sorry he has been sold I just hadn't had a chance to update my sales post.

Is the Celebi wooden stamp still available? <3

He is indeed! Where I am sending him to?

Hello I'd like to get the Trubbish Kid figure please 34237

Sure! He will be $8.34. If that is ok please send to and leave your LJ name and what you bought in the memo please! Thank you!

May I get the Suicune card to the U.S. please? :)

Sure. I think a letter to America is $1.50 so with fees your total is $2.37. Please send to and leave your LJ name and what you bought in the memo please! Thank you!

Quote for the Umbreon velboa pokedoll to Canada pls :3


Shipping to Canada is $7.07. Altogether your total is $28.19. If that is ok, please send to and leave your LJ an==name and what you bought in the memo please!

Could I get a quote on the jp mwt umbreOn pokedoll to ireland please! :D

I should add that I'm totally committed xD

@salamence646 tagging for wooden phanpy stamp!

I don't think that worked. Do you want me to message them?

What shipping would that munchlax mystery dungeon figure fall under? Just curious. And does it come with the background thing or is it seperate?

It would fall under the small parcel category. It comes with the base.

What size is the lucario plush and quote for shipping to Canada on him please?

He is about 6-7 inches. Shipping would be $6. So all together your total for Lucario is $16.79. If that is ok please send to and leave your Lj name and what you bought in the memo please!

Thanks for the quote but i'll pass, sorry!

Thats ok thanks for asking!

Hello! Could I get a quote for the Watchog MPC, Purple Lickitung metal figure, Munchlax Mystery Dungeon figure, and Munchlax coin to 87109 please?

Hi there. It would be $21.42. If that is ok please send to and leave your LJ name on the memo please. Thank you!

could I get a quote for the roselia, skorupi, and lopunny kids along with the carbink TOMY to the US? c:

actually just a quote for skorupi and the carbink TOMY would be great ^w^

Dialga and Palkia Pokedoll

Hello, I'm quite interested in the Dialga and Palkia pokedolls you have, would it be possible to send more pictures so I can have a closer look? Thanks! :)

P.S. I've just joined livejournal (so I apologise for my inexperience!) since I've heard there's a great Pokemon collectors community here, and while I'm not a collector myself I do have some interest in Pokemon plushies cause they're really cute. :D

Re: Dialga and Palkia Pokedoll

Sure , I will post links to the pics on this comment.

There is indeed a great pokemon community. I suggest you join it if you can.It is called PKMNcollectors.


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